Don’t Buy the Wrong House!   Or, Rent the Wrong Apartment!

What should you look for when searching for a home to buy or rent?
Create your own checklist from our ever-expanding list of room, comfort feature, and location insights.

This website is devoted to helping people find:


– a great place to live,
– in the right location,
– with the right features for you and your family.

Moving is time-consuming, expensive and requires a lot of physical effort. You don’t want to have to do it very often!

Designing and building a new home? Looking for places to live, rent or planning a remodel? What is really best for you?

A home may look great, but is it “Liveable”?  There is more to being comfortable in a home than your first impression of the style, colors, appliances and countertop material!

Southern Style Home
Southern Style Front Porch


We provide real life tips on home design ideas and features to consider from our actual experience building homes, designing homes, buying and selling, living in them, moving from coast to coast, and years of trial and error.

Mediterranean Style Home
Mediterranean Style Home




You will find our content is not just about architecture or interior decorating.  We focus on comfort and cost over impressive style or appearance.

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